How do we do it?

We use the tools of the hackers to see what they can find out about you


Over 60 identities are stolen per second. How many people are in your company? How many are already affected? Are you worried that your employees online behaviour might be a risk to you? By the time you finish reading this paragraph over 1200 identities have been stolen and by the end of the day that number will reach 600k. Could your executives have been one of them?

TitanGrid goes beyond securing the device, we secure the individual.

The Problem

The Yahoo breach happened because of a mistaken click in an e-mail, as a result 1.5 billion people got their private data stolen. 90% of the time it took to conduct that attack was spent on gathering information.

What are you doing to prevent an attack like that?

How We Can Help

We help you take back control of your data. TitanGrid achieves this by analyzing public information and mapping your online behaviour. By knowing this we can help companies remove harmful personal information from the internet and promote better cyber behaviour.

We will show you how the cyber criminal sees your company.

Why use TitanGrid?

Companies come to us when they:

Feel that their employee's online behaviour is a risk to their business.

Wish to recover from data breaches.

Want to avoid reputation loss caused by data breach.

Need a detailed overview on how the hackers see their employees.

Look for advice on how to raise cyber awareness among their employees.

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Open Beta

  • Features:
  •  Discover the level of privacy among your employees
  •  Detect leaked personal information and passwords
  •  Educate your workforce on cyber threats
  •  Find out what attacks you are most vulnerable to
  •  Real time updates with notifications

To participate in the Beta for TitanGrid, send us an e-mail at

Our sales rep will send you the offer for the beta in one business day.

In the e-mail, include the following:

Your First and Last name

The Name of your Company

The Website for your Company

How many employees you would like to add to our platform

Our Team

The professionals who help you build your smart perimeter

Aleks Koha

Aleks Koha


With over 5 years of experience in startups - Aleks is our leader and visionary.

Oliver Loit

Leonardo Romanello


Started breaking computers at the age of 10, Leo can now build anything and he's in charge of our technology.

Oliver Loit

Oliver Loit


With over 8 years experience in business - Oliver deals with operational & legal aspects.

Gerhard Villem

Gerhard Villem


Gerhard, our communications specialist has over 3 years of sales experience. He manages our clients and marketing.

Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson - CISSP, CSPO, CSP

Strategic Advisor

Joseph is a Cyber Security expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. He makes sure we get our product right.