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About TitanGrid

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A Little Word About Us

How many companies analyse how much public data they are leaking? How much time would it take to get this information? Are your employees educated on different cyber threats? By the time they have the data, is it already outdated? Could you already have been breached in the meanwhile? Have you already been breached? Where are your weaknesses?

TitanGrid was born out of the desire to find a solution to these questions and that's exactly what we have done with our cyber counterintelligence platform.

The Problem

Cyber Crime is the biggest threat to global economies and world stability. Over 60 identities are stolen per second in the world and the amount of harmful public data out there is growing at an alarming rate. Considering that reconnaissance takes 90% of the time in each cyber attack, making this step harder for attackers is a serious aspect to consider.

Currently there is no effective solution for this problem.

Our Solution

A Cyber Counterintelligence platform that gives you an overview of the social sphere of your organization. We gather potentially harmful publicly available data help you limit it. As a result, you will make reconnaissance harder for attackers which accounts for 90% of each attack. You will also know where to invest your security budget.

We will show you where your data is and help you limit it.

TitanGrid - Cyber Counterintelligence

In the modern society, where social media is almost considered as a basic need, there is probably a lot of public or leaked data available about your employees. This in turn, can be used to harm your company. Our Counterintelligence platform will offer the following features to solve this problem:

Make more intelligent security budget decisions based on our analytics

Comprehensive threat analytics and reporting system

Harden overall security in your organization over time

Gradually reduce public data available to attackers

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Privacy Score System

Our Privacy Score system will let you know how well your company is doing. Through this metric you will be able to tell if and how fast you're improving. You can also view security intelligence progression of individual employees.

Security Threshold system

Security Threshold will allow you to configure how strict you want to be with your employees about data that is public. This system allows our platform to be suitable to either high or low risk organizations.

Privacy Score

After 1 week
After 1 month
After 3 months
After 6 months

Our Team

The professionals who help you build your smart perimeter

Aleks Koha

Aleks Koha


With over 5 years of experience in startups - Aleks is our leader and visionary.

Oliver Loit

Leonardo Romanello


Started breaking computers at the age of 10 - He's in charge of our technology.

Oliver Loit

Oliver Loit


With over 8 years experience in business - Oliver manages our finances & legal aspects.

Gerhard Villem

Gerhard Villem


Gerhard, our communications specialist has done sales for over 6 years. He makes sure our clients are happy.

Wael Abuseada

Wael Abuseada


Wael learned programming in the desert with no internet. He reads his e-mails from bash shell and is our chief developer.

Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson - CISSP, CSPO, CSP

Strategic Advisor

Joseph is a Cyber Security expert with over 25 years of experience in the field. He makes sure we get our product right.

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  •  Attack Vector Analytics

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